I am not a good example.


My posts are me trying to keep track of any form of progress in becoming a functional human being and any realisations along the way.
A lot of these things come with an 800 page header about why life is great, please don’t kill yourself blah blah blah.  I’m sure there are a fair number of people that would rather you didn’t.  There is however, an unimaginably deep and dark void that you’re camped in and all those people feel like they’re trying to shout to you from the place outside the void that you’re reliably informed does exist.


It does exist.  I’m pretty sure we were there once, even if it might have been brief.


I ramble.  In this instance I am rambling to say this is just my own experience of the abyss.  Your experiences may differ.  Please do not take actions to harm yourself or others based on my experiences.  This will not please the void or make it more tolerable.